Kara Nielsen, Trendologist

“What’s a Trendologist?” Let me explain: I’m a food and beverage trend expert who practices the art and science of spotting food and beverage trends and translating them…for strategic insights, for innovation inspiration, for education and more. To translate trends into actionable insights for clients and communicators, I combine my extensive knowledge of the food industry with an understanding of evolving consumer values and today’s dynamic food culture to identify emerging trends and put them into meaningful contexts. Today, I'm practicing this art at CCD Innovation as Vice President, Trends & Marketing. 

I believe that my success at translating food and beverage trends is tied to my background in culinary arts and my study of gastronomy, both informally as a food professional and formally as a master's student at Boston University. Living and eating in France, a love of restaurant culture, and a special relationship to pastry and baking inform my understanding of what makes food so powerful and meaningful, and adds a special value to my trend practice.